The Journey Begins

Just over 18 months ago, I became obsessed with ecommerce.

My obsession began after listening to a podcast focused on entrepreneurship. One of the guests began telling his story of ecommerce, how he created a website and began selling products to customers through dropshipping. He talked about the freedom he gained, the lessons he learned, and the people he met. I’m pretty sure he was also on some tropical island, enjoying a lifestyle made possible because of his online business.

After hearing his story, I put my phone down, pulled out my laptop, and began researching how I could do the same thing. I started my first Shopify store about 1 week later and began my entrepreneurial journey. That journey has led me to create 2 ecommerce websites. I now work with a team of Internet business consultants who help others start and grow their online businesses. I eat, sleep, and breath ecommerce – and I love it.

Even though I’ve had more failures than successes, being an “ePreneur” has been one of the most rewarding opportunities of my life. I’ve learned more than I thought I ever could, developed relationships with some incredible people, and made money on the side to help me pursue an enjoyable life. And even though I don’t yet have a million dollar online business that allows me to work from anywhere, I’m happy.

A big reason for my happiness is my wife, Karina. She’s been there to support me through all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. She’s been my trusted friend and advisor when big decisions needed to be made, and for that, I’m just grateful. Together, we’re working to create a life that will bring us true, consistent happiness. And a big part of that is doing business online.

With that in mind, I thought it would only be right to share my experiences with other passionate entrepreneurs who are seeking happiness through online business. The potential for success and happiness through having an online business is greater than it’s ever been, so if you’ve been considering starting – now is the time.

No matter what stage you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey, I believe that my experiences will be of value to you.

I will also be crowd sourcing entrepreneurial stories and experiences from entrepreneurs with unique backgrounds – all with the intent of helping you thrive.

Remember that we’re all on this entrepreneurial journey together. Let’s make it a good one!

– Ryan Anding