3 Tips for a Solid February

February has officially come! In the past, February hasn’t always been my favorite month – it’s usually cold, dreary, and icy here in Utah. I can handle Valentine’s Day; in fact, I enjoy the excuse that Valentine’s Day gives me to go on a nice date with my wife and enjoy time with her.

I believe that February is a critical month for each of us, specifically in regards to the goals we set just a month ago. February is the month where many individuals start to burn out and get lazy or complacent in keeping the goals they set. With that said, here are 3 ways to help you stay motivated and have an awesomely productive February.

Number 1: Take a Step Back and Analyze Your Goals

I believe that as February is starting, we should all take a step back and look at our goals for 2019. I would recommend that we ask ourselves these questions:

How am I doing at sticking to my goals for 2019?

What can I improve upon to more effectively carry out my goals?

Why did I choose this set of goals?

What adjustments to my goals do I need to make?

In what areas am I weak? Where am I strong?

In asking ourselves these questions, we can analyze how well we are doing at keeping our goals and make adjustments for February. Plus, asking these questions helps us see whether our goals are needing to be changed; poorly set goals are one major reason why we burn out. So, take a look at your goals. If they need changing, then go for it. It’s your life – make the most of it.

Number 2: Serve Someone Else

Our tendency as humans is to focus solely on ourselves. I call this the “Me, Me, Me!” Syndrome and each of us are guilty at some point in our lives of this. This is especially true when we set goals that oriented towards self-improvement, growth, and progression.

The truth is, improving ourselves can’t happen when we are focused on just ourselves; reaching out to others with kindness and love increases our ability to grow and become the people we desire to be.

Here are some practical ways that you can be more selflLESS this February, and boost your growth as a human:

  • Text or call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Go out to lunch with a co-worker, peer, or other individual you don’t know well
  • Introduce yourself to someone and/or make a new friend
  • Pay it forward at a restaurant, gas station or grocery store
  • Write down all the people who have helped you get where you are today, and write a card or note to one of them, expressing your gratitude

Use your creativity and imagination to make a difference in another human’s life. Trust me – you’ll feel great and it will help you achieve your goals.

Number 3: Try a New Approach to Accomplishing a Goal

Try to approach one of the goals that you set in January in a totally new and fresh way. Developing a different perspective on a goal that you recently created can help bring clarity and focus, and help you see new alternatives to achieving success. I would recommend identifying the goal that you have struggled with the most, then brainstorming ideas of how to stick to and achieve the goal this month.

You can brainstorm with a friend, family member, co-worker, mentor, or other trusted person. You can even brainstorm while you drive to work or are doing the dishes. The point is to deconstruct the goal and look at it from every possible angle; then, decide on a new way to approach it and stick with it throughout the month of February.

If the new approach brings added success, focus, and feelings of accomplishment, congratulations! You just discovered how to reach your goal. If the new approach was a failure, no worries – keep it written down but move on. Try something else.

The goal here is to broaden your horizons and prove to yourself that you’re committed to success, even if it means failing first.

With February upon us, I hope we can each look at our goals and strive to implements new ways to achieve them. As the month progresses, I seriously recommend keeping your eyes and ears peeled for opportunities to serve others; the results and benefits are wonderful.

Stay strong, and carry on.