My Thoughts on Creating Content That You’ll Wish You Had Known Before

In the world of eCommerce, online business, and digital media marketing, content is a major focus. Marketers and advertisers are constantly referring to content as the “King” – the most important aspect of your business.

Have you ever thought about why content is king?

I can think of two primary reasons.

  1. Content is your message to your audience – the way you connect and communicate. Communicating through valuable content to your audience builds lasting relationships that leads to increased profitability in the long term. More importantly, your content can have a positive impact on your audience that helps them find greater meaning in their life.
  2. Crappy content kills an otherwise great business. That alone speaks to how powerful and necessary good content is. And by crappy I simply mean content that doesn’t have a purpose (not contextually relevant) or is disingenuous to you and your audience.

Reason number two came to mind after listening to a Kwik Brain podcast, hosted by Jim Kwik. Here’s what he said about content and context:

If Content is King, then Context is the Kingdom.

If content is king, then context is the kingdom.

Content is vitally important for all of our businesses; whether it’s video, audio, or the written word, we should be consistently creating content for our audience. Again, this how we connect with our audience and make their lives better.

To go along with that, Gary Vaynerchuk’s primary message on content is that it doesn’t need to be perfectly planned. His claim is that what your audience needs is sincerity and personality, even if that means your posting content that is unscripted, on the fly, or super simple.

With that in mind, and to go along with what Jim Kwik said, the content you and I create needs to align with the values, aspirations, and goals of our audience. More specifically, our content must be created within the context of our brand and target audience.

So, content is still king – and it always will be. We need to constantly strive to connect with our audience and add value to their lives. As we create content that fits within the context of our brand and personality, our ability to connect and make a difference in the lives of our audience will increase.

The question is: How are you going to create contextually sound content for your audience?

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