Are You Delaying Happiness?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about happiness and success, specifically what “being happy” and “being successful” means for me.

Social media is full of gurus and mentors and icons who promote happiness and success as a destination. Whether it’s a video in their garage with a Lamborghini, a photo of them on a beach, or a post about their triumph over the 9 to 5, entrepreneurs seem to love promoting the idea that success and happiness are achieved after making money.

In my experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, we all have big dreams and goals.  But who says that we can only be happy when we reach them? There is nothing limiting you from being happy today and tomorrow and everyday after that other than yourself. 

So how do you and I become truly happy today, even if we’re still miles away from reaching our goals?

First, we need to stop comparing ourselves to others who have “made it” or who are living the lifestyle we desire. The only person we should be comparing ourselves to is … ourself. We need to measure progress based on our own metrics – not the metrics that other successful entrepreneurs and leaders have created. Yes, it’s important to have mentors and friends to look up to as examples to pattern our choices after. But we should stop ourselves from comparing the progress we’re making with theirs. Their journey is their journey – not yours.

Second, we need to take a step back and define what happiness means for us. This makes happiness easier to pursue, and allows us to build our lives around what we really want. Defining what being happy means for you takes self-awareness and knowing what you are deeply passionate about.  You can also consider the following questions: When was the last time I felt truly happy? When was the last time I felt really passionate, excited, or motivated about something? When I’m happy, how do I feel? Who am I with? What I am doing?

These questions can you help you find for yourself what it means to be happy. Once you have a grasp on that – go all in. Don’t hesitate. Create a plan focused on being happy and don’t give up pursuing it.

Third, we need to realize that we can be happy everyday, no matter the challenges we are facing. Even on a bad day, we can be good. We can be positive rather than negative; self-less rather than self-ish; kind rather than rude; hard working rather than lazy; loving rather than hateful. We can also be happy on the daily if we surround ourselves with people who are happy. There is also a lot of good, uplifting media content we can read, listen to, and watch to provide us with perspective and inspiration. 

If you are struggling to be happy, I feel for you. We all have moments in life when we can’t seem to hold on to happiness in a consistent way. Trust me when I say that I’ve been there. So have all the successful people in this world. Life just isn’t easy. There will always be tough times. So, realize you’re not alone. We’re in this thing together. Just remember that you can be happy every single day. It’s not about what you have or don’t have – it’s about your mindset, your desires, and your ability to pursue what you love.

Let happiness be your goal, your motivation, your desire.Put being happy above being wealthy or famous or successful. Put happiness first and watch the path of your life light up before you.

Remember that happiness isn’t a destination we reach someday; happiness is a state of being we achieve by pursuing what matters most to us.

So, what are you going to do today to be happy?

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