Here’s the Book I’m Reading in March

One of my goals for 2019 is to read at least one book per month.

In February, I read Start With Why, by Simon Sinek. I learned a lot from Simon, including the importance of identifying my WHY – my core beliefs, values, and motivations. I learned to keep those at the forefront of everything I do as an entrepreneur.

He talked a lot in his book about the idea that customers don’t buy WHAT you do, but rather WHY you do it. This was fascinating to me and I realized that it’s true. The customers that you and I are marketing to need to know and feel WHY we are in business, rather than just hear a list of what we offer.

This month, I’m reading Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk.

I’ve been following Gary this year and in consuming his content and message, I’m convinced that he is highly intelligent and deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. He’s inspired me to start this blog, and start my Instagram page, and start documenting and sharing my entrepreneurial journey.

I’m all about happiness, so sharing what I’m doing to get there felt natural and important.

I’m looking forward to reading more about improving my ability to connect and engage with passionate entrepreneurs on social media. I’ll be sharing my insights and thoughts throughout the month so you can be inspired as well.

If you’d like to read along with me, head to Amazon and grab a copy. I’d love to have an open conversation about your thoughts and feelings as you read.

If you’re reading a different book right now, comment below or connect with me on Instagram and let me know what you’re learning. I’m always looking to strengthen my library and my brain!

Also, be sure to follow Project ePreneur on Facebook and Instagram!

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