How I Nearly Messed Up My Third FBA Shipment – and How You Can Learn Not to Make the Same Mistake

Man, this week was crazy.

It started out on a pretty low point – I just woke up and wasn’t super happy to get moving and working. Maybe you’ve been there, too, where you just wake up one day and think to yourself, “Screw it, I’m just gonna lay in bed all day.”

That’s actually how this week in general has been for me.

Luckily, though, I’m ending my week on a strong note – dropping off my third box at FedEx to be sent to Amazon for FBA. Plus, I feel like this has been a pretty creative week for me in my thoughts and the content I’ve been creating for this blog and social media.

So even though I’ve had to fight the temptation to be lazy or unproductive, I think it’s turning out to be a solid week.

In between the lows and highs of this week, my third shipment to Amazon almost didn’t happen. Let me tell you about what happened.

First, I entered the wrong shipping address when I went to place my order on I was anticipating getting my box of arbitrage goodies on Tuesday and didn’t actually end up getting it until Thursday. Turns out it was across the street at my neighbors house and he was actually on his way to take it back to the shipping carrier. I’m lucky that I knocked on his door earlier in the day or I would be facing an entirely different set of issues.

Crisis number one avoided.

The second issue came up as my wife and I were labeling the items and getting them ready to be shipping out. We purchased primarily grocery-type items from Jet – snacks, chips, crackers, that kind of stuff. What I didn’t realize is that Amazon will only accept perishable products if they aren’t dated to expire for at least 100 days.

The expiration date on half of our items was only a month out.

Talk about a major facepalm moment for me! Here I was, super excited to get a huge box of product out to Amazon, and I realize that because of a simple mistake it’s not going to happen.

Even though this really sucked, I learned a lot.

Most importantly I learned to do my research before spending hundreds of dollars on items to send to Amazon. Research could have prevented the mistake/error in judgement from happening in the first place, saving me time and money.

I also learned that selling grocery items on Amazon isn’t easy and requires a lot more time to do successfully. Time will tell how well we profit off the products that we were cleared to send in, and if the profit isn’t great, I might just move on to other categories.

I could have also prevented this problem from happening by product sourcing in a store. To my knowledge, most grocery stores have the products that I purchased from Jet. It would have been really easy to do a quick Google search or make a phone call to see if a local store had the products in stock. If so, I could’ve checked the expiration dates and gone on my merry way.

Instead, my wife and I will have to wait for the return to Jet to be processed before moving on to our next shipment.

But that’s ok. Lesson learned. Next time I source grocery items (if there is a next time, anyways), I am going to do it the right way and save myself time and money. If you are looking into selling products on Amazon in the grocery category, read this blog post again and learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to experience the same setbacks.

I still think is a phenomenal website to do some online arbitrage on, by the way. When I called customer support about my order that I didn’t receive, they were super friendly and helpful. They offered to replace the entire order without any questions asked. Jet is a great place to shop – yet another lesson I learned this week.

With the weekend coming up, I’m looking forward to taking a step back and looking at how I did with my goals this week. I had initially set a goal to send out two FBA shipments, but I’m happy with the one, given the setbacks I faced.

I’m looking forward to some product sourcing and continued learning this weekend. Make sure you take time to tell someone you care about that you love them!

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